Spice up your LaTeX with Font Awesome

LaTeX allows you to create amazing documents which are beautifully typeset. It gives you access to a wide breath of tools and graphics to improve your documents. One of these are the many already available symbols in LaTeX. Here is a comprehensive list of available symbols: Link PDF. You can even find symbols by drawing them at this service. These include mathematical symbols, phonetic symbols, currency symbols or symbols for various languages.

I found out recently that you can include Font Awesome icons as symbols in your latex documents using this CTAN package. This allows you to use some modern icons such as the Github or LinkedIn logos to spice up your documents such as a resume if you write it in LaTeX. If you have a full TeX live distribution such as MacTeX, it should be already included. I was able to use it by adding \usepackage{fontawesome} to my document and using the lualatex command to compile my document. I wasn't able figure out why xelatex failed to compile my document. If you do let me know.

The final result:

My Resume with fontawesome icons

You can checkout the source here: Link